What is Craftsmanship? 

The precise woodwork of a forbearing Carpenter. The prodigious medieval structure comprised of stones, chiseled individually by industrious Masons. The opalescent suit line of a fastidious and visionary Tailor.  

Craftsmanship’s defined by Integrity, Authenticity, and Earnestness. 

The word “Barber” has, in my view, developed a stigma. And that’s “Next...next...next”, 30 minutes, or “It’s just a guys’ cut”. That needs acute reconciliation. Every haircut mandates time, and every man deserves expert attention to aid him in employing his style. 

We begin your service with a consultation. Whether that results in you giving me creative freedom, a “3 and a 6”, or sketching out some geometric formulas – I want us to have a vision that junctions. 

Keeping in mind your hair density, hair color, hair texture, head shape, and most paramount – your growth pattern, we shave, sand, sculpt, and craft your hair.  

Following, we shampoo and condition using SachaJuan to provide a fresh template and to invoke regression of the hair which will allow us to take a second look at the blend and silhouette. 

Straight razor around the perimeter lines, designer aftershave, and styling if desired. 

This is how I cut hair. 

Joel N Öst